Paul Schmelzing


Assistant Professor of Finance, Boston College, 2022-

Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, 2022-


One Bank visiting researcher, Bank of England, 2022-

(book version under contract, Yale University Press).

  • "Banking-Crisis interventions, 1257-2019" (with Andrew Metrick).

"Metrick-Schmelzing database" and full documentation (Sep. 2021). (NBER WP 29281)

new: an interview on real interest rates with Financial History Magazine.

recent: a public discussion on inflation and rates, Jul 6.

recent: NBER SI IFMDS, Jul 13.

recent: a discussion on interest rate trends with Richard Sylla and Jim Grant.

Education, previous academic appointments

Postdoctoral associate, Finance group, Yale SOM, 2019-2022

PhD, History, Harvard University, 2013-2019

Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, 2017-2019

Visiting researcher, Bank of England, 2016-2021

Research assistant, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, 2015-2016

BSc, Economic History, London School of Economics, 2010-2013


Barry Eichengreen

Niall Ferguson (chair)

Charles S. Maier

Andrew Metrick

Kenneth S. Rogoff